Obamacare and Workers’ Compensation in Georgia


Obamacare and Workers' Compensation

Obamacare and Workers’ Compensation in Georgia

Obamacare and Workers’ Compensation in Georgia are all over the news these days.  With Obamacare repeal in process, it is important for any injured worker to understand how potential changes will impact workers’ compensation.  In Georgia, the state lawmakers voted not to expand Medicaid.  This means there is a group of people who may earn too much to qualify for Medicaid and too little for government subsidies.

Preexisting Conditions & Workers’ Compensation in Georgia

The entire Georgia Workers’ Compensation process is extremely slow.  Unfortunately, Georgia has no expedited hearing process to speed up medical treatment disputes.  So, people can wait years for the proper treatment. Therefore, some people decide to settle their case and obtain their own health insurance.  Under Obamacare, an injured worker can sign up for health insurance while waiting for their case settlement.  However, if the Obamacare replacement eliminates the preexisting conditions clause, then many injured workers may not have access to any healthcare or it may be extremely cost prohibitive.

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Experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Atlanta

If you have been injured at work, it is important to understand your rights and all potential options.  Medical treatment is extremely expensive, and your employer’s insurance company is trying to minimize your settlement.  Before you settle your claim, speak to an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.  Beth Gearhart is Georgia’s top rated and most knowledgeable workers’ compensation lawyer.  Call Beth Gearhart at (404) 445-8370.

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