Why Gearhart Law Group?

Gearhart Law Group, owned by attorney Beth Gearhart, is the #1 rated and best workers’ compensation attorney in Georgia.  Beth represents the rights of injured workers across the State of Georgia with respect and passion.  Beth Gearhart is a workers’ compensation lawyer with over a decade of work experience doing one thing, litigating workers’ compensation claims.  As a former defense attorney representing insurance companies, Beth knows the insurance adjuster tactics.  Beth knows how to handle your claim and value your case.  Beth started Gearhart Law Group to represent injured workers with diligence, compassion and personal service.  Your case is important to her.  Beth will provide personal service and aggressively handle your claim.  You are not a number or a settlement figure to Beth Gearhart, you are a valued client.

No Settlement, No Fee

Finally, Beth only receives a fee if you settle your claim.  There is no upfront fee for her service.  No fee is due if we do not settle your case.  No settlement, no fee, it’s that simple.  Call Beth Gearhart at (404) 445-8370.

Gearhart Law Group represents clients across the entire state of Georgia including:

Atlanta          |          Marietta            |          Augusta

Athens          |          Columbus          |          Macon

Free Case Evaluation

Contact Beth Gearhart for a free case evaluation and insight into your worker’s compensation claim.  Beth provides free consultations and never charges a fee.  If you decide to hire Beth, there is never an upfront fee.  Beth gets paid from your claim “after” the you have won your settlement.  Beth’s motto: “No Settlement, No Fee!”