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Beth Gearhart is an Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney fighting for the rights of injured workers across the state of Georgia.  Prior to becoming an Atlanta work comp attorney, Beth worked on the workers’ compensation defense side.  Furthermore, Beth switched sides to represent the rights of injured workers.  Consequently, she aligned her passion to help people with her ability to maximize claims settlements for injured workers.  Gearhart Law Group serves the Atlanta metro area and the entire state with offices in Atlanta, Georgia.

Atlanta Workers’ Compensation Attorney – Beth Gearhart Interview

What is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers Compensation is defined as a set of laws to protect people injured at work with benefits in the form of monetary rewards to help avoid litigation/lawsuits.  The benefits also apply to dependents of workers who are killed in work accidents.  The laws attempt to limit liability of co-workers and employers from further litigation.  In Atlanta, Georgia, the Georgia Board of Workers Compensation provides statutes that are specific to the state of Georgia.

Understanding Workers’ Compensation in Atlanta

Atlanta is the capital of Georgia and the largest city in the state of Georgia.  Therefore, Atlanta serves as home to a variety of large employers.  Also, Beth has represented clients from The Home Depot, Delta Air Lines, United Parcel Service (UPS), NCR, Cox Enterprises, SunTrust, Southern Company, and many others.

It is critical to work with an expert Georgia workers’ compensation attorney who knows the Georgia workers’ compensation laws.  There are unique laws, rules, and regulations that only apply to the state of Georgia.  As a right for work state, there are many areas where Georgia workers’ compensation law is different than laws in other states.

What is Workers’ Compensation in Atlanta

Atlanta has one workers’ compensation court located at 270 Peachtree Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30303.  The workers’ compensation court is run by a workers’ compensation judge that hears cases in an administrative court format without a jury.  In most cases, the employer and their insurance adjuster will prefer settling the claim outside of court.  However, it is not uncommon to go before the court or resolve matters in a mediation.

Why Hire an Atlanta Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Beth Gearhart started her attorney career working for defense firms, but she was frustrated by the lack of empathy and compassion for injured workers.  She observed the adjuster’s pushing to deny benefits while doctors favorable to the employer would push injured workers back to work too quickly.

Beth Gearhart is the best positioned attorney to achieve a positive outcome for her clients.  The main difference between a positive result and a bad settlement is the workers’ compensation lawyer.  The lawyer’s ability to understand and focus on your best interests is critical.  Please evaluate your options carefully and select an attorney that listens to you.  If you are injured at work, contact Atlanta’s best workers’ compensation attorney who listens and cares about her clients.

Can I Hire a General Practice Attorney in Atlanta?

Workers’ compensation laws are different and unique for each state.  It takes years of specialization and working closely with the Atlanta workers’ compensation judges to understand all the laws, so you can’t hire your general practice attorney to assist you with a workers’ compensation claim.

Helping Injured Workers in Atlanta

Beth Gearhart is a passionate Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer with over a decade of expertise in workers’ compensation.  She spent over a decade working for the defense, so she knows exactly how to counsel her clients.  Finally, Beth wanted positive outcomes for injured workers, so she started Gearhart Law Group focused on the rights of injured workers.

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Atlanta Workers’ Compensation Attorney – Free Consultation

If you have experienced a work related injury, don’t delay, contact Beth Gearhart right now.  She is one of the top workers’ compensation lawyers.  Beth will personally speak with you right now to answer any questions at (404) 445-8370.  Also, if you prefer a callback, please enter your information below.  Beth will personally call you to explain your injured worker rights.