Work Comp Lawyer Gainesville Georgia

Work Comp Lawyer Gainesville Georgia

Work Comp Lawyer – Beth Gearhart

Location – Gainesville, Georgia

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Work Comp Lawyer Gainesville, Georgia

Beth Gearhart is a work comp lawyer serving Gainesville, Georgia and surrounding areas.  Beth is a work comp lawyer fighting for the rights of injured workers in living or working in and around Gainesville, GA.  She provides counsel and advice to people with work injuries in Gainesville, Lake Lanier, Oxford, Buford, and surrounding areas.  Beth is an expert in Gainesville workers’ compensation settlements with over a decade of experience specifically focused on workers’ compensation cases.  Currently, Gainesville has a variety of employers such as Pilgrims, Fieldale Farms, and Kubota who commonly have injured workers requiring an experienced work comp lawyer.  This is why it is critical that injured workers have an attorney who knows the Georgia workers’ compensation laws.  Beth will represent injured workers and serve their best interests.

Gainesville, Georgia

Today, Gainesville is heavily focused on the manufacturing and agriculture, but Lake Lanier remains a large tourist attraction.  The lake serves as a source of water craft and water sports for the entire North Georgia community.   It is also a very popular retirement destination with a large number of retirement communities and second homes located in the area.  These two factors drive a large number of additional employers focused on these industries.  It is also common for these industries to drive workers compensation claims and settlements.

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If you live in the Gainesville, Georgia area and suffered a work injury, please contact work comp lawyer, Beth Gearhart.  Learn your options and discuss your case with someone who cares about your well being.  Beth Gearhart will personally respond the same day to your consultation request with a phone call.  She has dedicated her practice to assisting injured workers.  Finally, Beth is unique and 5 star reviewed because she listens and cares to her clients.